We are about a month and a half into this shutdown. I have tried to have honest conversation with folks from all over the country in regards to the future of small business and what it truly represents. In many cases I have been met with criticism that I have no regard for a person or their family that have been impacted by this terrible virus. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone nor would I wish upon anyone that has worked so hard and provided livelihoods for the masses failure. I honesty do not know the right answer, I try to explain the supply chain to those fortunate to be able to work, and don't think they realize how deep the food service industry goes or how many lives are currently being impacted. I think we need to be smart how we approach the future and think we can find a balance to save the economy.


I didn't write this to have negative thoughts thrown back at me. If you want to suggest any positive comments that may benefit those struggling in this unrepresented time please feel free to give your opinion.  If you have much younger children who don’t know about COVID-19, there’s no need to break it to them. Emphasize the importance of good hygiene and make handwashing fun.  If your kids are older or aware of the crisis, then get them talking. Find out what they know and correct any anxiety-producing misconceptions they may be harboring. Resist the urge to minimize the situation. They’ll feel more secure if you hear them out and are open to answering all their questions. Using this as an opportunity to talk about the difference between real and fake news will help your children become more discerning consumers of information. Each day comes with new revelations that we all find overwhelming.


So, when talking about the coronavirus, change the subject when they have had enough. Better yet, go have some fun. If you don't overload, be more likely to open up again. With a lack of knowledge about how COVID-19 spreads, a need to blame someone, fears about disease and death, and gossip that spreads rumors and myths. Stigma hurts everyone by creating more fear or anger towards ordinary people instead of the disease that is causing the problem.


Don’t forget to laugh

The forced family time the coronavirus has imposed is challenging for everyone. Kids have to learn, parents have to work and chores must be done. But you can have fun, too. Maintaining structure will keep everyone on task and looking forward to the rewards of meeting the day’s objectives.


Focus on the positive

Many things feel out of control. But you and your family can find peace and a sense of accomplishment by meeting each day's challenges as a team. By working together, respecting one another's boundaries and appreciating what everyone — young and old — brings to the table, you will weather these tough times and come out stronger.  

You Can Make a Difference Right Now

All children deserve to live safe and healthy lives.

In our global fight against the novel coronavirus, now more than ever needs timely funding that can be allocated quickly to where it is most needed.

Make a 100% tax-deductible donation to give the most vulnerable children the nutrition, water, medical and hygiene supplies they desperately need. Less than 3% of funds go to administrative costs, 97% to Local organization to feed angry children and more

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